This was a really difficult assignment. I really didn't know what I wanted to do. I really like working with lines, and the idea of connecting particles with a line, or even more interesting ... a curve. I started playing with it at first by really toning down the attraction, repulsion, connection of the particles. Once that was done I added the curves, and I kind of liked what I saw. There were curved lines that slowly started to move around the screen following each other. It kind of looked like the beginning of an Alfred Hitchcock movie when they do his portrait. Although cool, it wasn't really all that interesting. Then I started playing with the idea that I could tie the lines to the center of the screen in some way. This was a slow process of experimentation. Once I got it though, I added a center force of attraction that was really faint but had a large radius. Then it really came alive and caught my eye. When I watched it, it felt like its motion was alive. Similar to a plant growing in time lapse, or some kind of sea plat that is feeding on plankton.

Flocking SRC