Introduction to particles. Not so bad. The hardest part of this assignment was getting the particles to go out in a circle instead of a square which they are prone to do when you just let them do whatever they want. I wanted it to look a little more like the kind of firework that has the little sparkle trailers that the end so I made it so they decrease in size until they hit a certain size when they change their color and fill and look more bedazzled. I also wanted them to kind of slip to the right or left, like firworks do when there is a bit of wind, but I wasn't sure how to get that in there.

Fireworks SRC


Fun with sin and cos. This really proved to me the power that you have when you start to understand how these can affect each other. Especially when you layer them. Here, the particles are sprites that I loaded, then they are rotated, the death star is rotated separately, and the tie fighters positions are also set according to the sin and cos function. It can really create some interesting outputs.

Star Wars SRC