A few weeks before announcing what form the final for the class would take I had an idea for a game where you attempted to make varying ripples converge on one spot. The player would use a bit of timing, a bit of coordination, and some careful planning to do so. When I found out that the final could take the form of anything that we were interested in, I felt like this would be a great place to see if I could make a working prototype. It would require some collision detection on particles and a bit of thinking through the class structure. In the end, I made a button class that, when pressed, will shoot out particles evenly in a circle. The speed of the particles would be based on what type the button was. Then I had to make a goal and the goal would have to be checked against the particles. This was a mistake in logic, at least for now. Since the particles don't know about the goal, and the goal doesn't know about the particles it would be difficult to get them all to talk to each other. In addition, multiple particles coming from different types must be able to figure out when they are all over the goal. Instead, I made it so that each particle knows where the goal is. They check to see if they are near it, and if they are, they return true. Then in the master file, I run a check to see if each there are particles that are returning true. If, during a check, it finds that each particle system is returning true, then the player has won the level. I'd like to add a vector map to it as well as some other interesting game ideas. First, I think I'm going to refine what I have and release it. If people like it, I'll make more levels and expand on the idea. The best part of this was being able to think of something that I wanted to do, be able to code it, try it on the IPhone. That is soooo amazing!

Final SRC