Struggled a lot with vector maps. The first one I just tweaked some of the colors, shapes, etc. Traditional stuff. I started to look at tying the color of the circles to their velocity and I thought that was pretty cool. I think its an interesting visualization and it helped me to learn more about the vector fields.

Vector Map 1 SRC


I really liked this one. I was thinking how cool it would be to give each particle control of multiple particles. This means that if you move one, it will move a few others that are linked to it. I remembered how in class we talked about the idea that if you make the position of something its inverse (for instance, y becomes -y) then you change the quadrant that it is in. So I gave each particle a few extra particles based on this idea. What came out was a really fun interaction where you see your gestures recreated in parallel to your own making some very interesting patterns.

Vector Map 2 SRC


To be honest, I was totally tapped out on this one. I just couldn't really come up with anything that I thought was interesting. I played around with this one for a while, but it just kept coming up flat.

Vector Map 3 SRC