Started to play with the idea of connecting particles by lines and curves. Its hard to see by the movie but the particles have two separate colors, the ones towards the back are purple and they are more alpha'd out, while the ones in the front are green and brighter. The two parts are running with different forces. The part that I liked the most was the center. You get this weird piston almost. If you watch it for a while it starts to look like some kind of engine or something. I thought it was an interesting movement.

Particle Particle 1 SRC


Still experimenting with lines and particles here. This one is more of a drawing interaction. As you press the mouse and move it particles are generated that form lines, it comes out kind of like silly string. They fade away over time and change color the longer the line. I liked making patterns with it to see what came out of it.

Particle Particle 2 SRC


Took a stab at making a kind of fire/smoke interaction. If you drag the mouse it makes these red alpha'd circles that, as you move them, get smaller and fade away. When you let go, the circles dance and move around. Its interesting. I think there could be more that comes out of it.

Particle Particle 3 SRC