I had done stuff like this in AS3 but I hadn't really done it as it was done here. I could grasp the part about using atan2 to get the angle that the xeno should travel but I just couldn't get it to do the easing that it did. That's where understanding how to slide a point in between two other points really turns the whole thing on its head. Then making the three different ones that have unique sliders really solidified it. This was a really fun assignment because it taught something to build on what I already knew.

Xeno SRC


This one was a turning point for me in the class. Every time I sat dow to make something I would consistently end up with one dot in the center of my screen. In fact, sometimes it actually would start out as something different, like a grid of dots, or a circle of dots, but eventually, it seemed like it would just always end up as a single dot. It wasn't until I really worked on this one (with the help of Ramsey) that I started to understand what the sin and cos were doing, and how to affect them with increasing and decreasing numbers in the update function. A few hours later and voila! I was really excited when I made this. I'd call it my first piece of digital art, and I'd use all of those terms super loosely.

Shaper SRC


I had a really hard time understanding what to do with this assignment. I think we were supposed to figure out the slowest moving speed that looks like movement, and doesn't look like movement. This assignment was super easy since it was just moving something in small increments.

Nonmotion SRC

Motion SRC


This was a really interesting idea. I had never though about how you could devise a system that could generatively slow down and speed up something on a path. This was a truly foreign concept to me. If I had to do this on my own I would most likely hard code everything, and just make it so that when you move the points it just figures out the distance and speed through hard coded numbers. This took me a bit to wrap my mind around. Once I got it though, it actually started to look like a clock to me, so I started to think about what a clock would look like that had this same interface.