Homework week 1

1. make a flip book. Please use a "thicker" type sketchbook. I recommend the square sketchbooks from NY Central Art Supply.

Ok. I'm still working on this one. I gave it a few attempts and then I got all frustrated. Will come back to it sonner rather than later.

2. make three recordings (using a handheld camera that's sationary) of three different scenes which have interesting motion. Pick one point to watch during the video, and sketch out it's motion path. Try to find both rhythmic (repetitive) and organic motions.

I didn't have access to a video camera so I cheated slightly by using videos from my time in China during the summer. The last video I grabbed off Youtube, but it's from a game at the US Open that I went to the Sunday after our first week of classes.


This swinging ball from the Germany pavilion at the Shanghai Expo has two or three kinds of motion. It swings back and forth and also around the pavilion. At the same time, images projected onto the ball move around it, giving the illusion of another dimention of motion.


Noodles being made at a shop I visited in Shanghai. This guy was awesome to watch. The dough moved up and down while also sort of twirling.

US Open

I went to the US Open for the first time. The men's match was good, but I enjoyed the women better. They play a more strategic game because they generally hit less hard (except for the Williams sisters). This also makes their trajectories somewhat easier to study. The two women I saw were Elena Dementieva (Russia) and Samantha Stosue (Austrailia). The drawing is kind of hard to read, but I tried my best to show the movement of the ball as well as the players themselves.

3. draw your name using openframeworks. upload a screenshot of your app, and a zip of the source code or project.

I had some fun with this one. I decided to do my name in negative by creating all the space around the letters. That way I could have some animations going in the background. I realized after I got pretty far into it that drawing rounded edges was going to be tricky. It's really hard to make curveVertex shapes and combine them with veterx shapes all in negative. In the end I gave up and just made my letters all with flat sides. Behind my name I have a bunch of circles of various colors moving in different directions.