Homework 1: 9/7/10

  • Videos of motion:

    Here I'm unscrewing a C-clamp. I picked a point on the flat top of the screw, which moves in a downward spiral, clockwise. It's mostly rhythmic motion, but there's probably a bit of noise to this motion since the screw has a bit of movement side to side. (warning: music playing in background)

    c clamp

    I was walking around Chinatown and saw these crazy mechanical toys. Here's a video of a doll swinging on a toy swing. I found it interesting that the movement of the doll's head movement in relation to the swing movement creates a greater arc, so I tracked and related both the movement of the head and the swing. (oh sweet sounds of Chinatown)

    swinging doll

    Here's a trash can lid spinning. I tracked the front of the right side of the lid. The first time it makes a full circle, then it does a partial arc, each getting smaller (shown here three times) until it settles in its resting place.

    trash can lid
  • Thinking about paths of motion, this flipbook shows the trajectory of a shooting star.

  • Name written with shapes in oF:

    I did two attempts at my name. The first one is using ofRect plus ofVector. Name #1 Code

    Lien #1

    The second one is using ofLine, ofCircle, and ofBezier. Name #2 Code

    Lien #2

Homework 2: 9/14/10

  • animation with still images: Beer Snatcher

  • fastest non moving speed: 3.6 in/33s = .11in/s or .00612 mph
  • fastest still perceptible speed: 3.6 in/.1s = 36 in/sec or 2.052 mph
  • position A/B change: mouse clicks alternate between updating the position of A to mouseX (and background is dark gray) and updating the position of B to mouse X (background is light gray) [code]

    position A change

    position B change

  • shaper controlling size and color: I tried to create the feeling of rain using the shaper to control both the size and color of the "drops" (currently rectangles); the drops get smaller and darker as they fall. I was also trying to figure out how to get it to "rain" constantly, but right now it just rains as one set of drops falling top to bottom then repeats. [code]

    rain big/top rain small/bottom

    In playing more with this code, I ended up making something like an exploding ball of confetti. [code]

  • multi xeno: I created an array of 5 squares (each gets smaller and taken on a lighter shade of green), that follow the cursor. The bigger the square, the longer it takes to settle at the cursor position (slower catchUpSpeed). [code]

  • multi xeno where each shape follows the previous shape [code]

Homework 3: 9/21/10

  • Tribute to Whitney: Triangles in Motion [code]

    I like how triangles look when layered tightly within each other, so I started with a stack of triangles that almost too quickly start orbiting.

  • Visualizing Music: "Facing Up" [code]

    I chose a piece of music from one of my previous dance performances. Here's a short piece from "Facing Up" by Keiko Matsui, a Japanese instrumental jazz artist.

  • Visualizing a Natural Phenomenon

    I missed this part of the assignment until reading again Monday night - here's a quick animation of water drops [code], but I plan to do this one again with something more substantial.

    Updated 12/20/10: Here's a pendulum swinging back and forth. [code]

  • Xeno Creature: Chameleon Worm [code]

    Here's my color changing worm. I played with the phase code to change the worm's eyes and relative position to change the worm's body particularly as it moves. I tried a number of things (commented code) to get the tail to continue moving even when the mouse stopped moving, but I didn't get near the effect I wanted (last 1/3 of its body swaying/wagging on an arch).

Homework 5: 10/05/10

Fireworks [code]

Sinusoidal particles [code]

Connecting the particles made interesting shapes.

Velocity affecting size/rotation: sparklers and tidal fish [code]

Homework 6: 10/12/10

Force of vector field rotates the ants as they march along [code]

Mouse clicks create points that move slowly along the force field and connect with particles that move along force field trying to reach the mouse position [code]

This one doesn't quite work right, but I've posted the code. I was trying to make an updated version of Wooly Willy... Particles follow the mouse if dragging, but since they would otherwise pile up, I had to add repulsion between the particles which seems to mess this up. [code]

Homework 7: 10/19/10

Repelling Lines [code]

Ants and Crumbs: press C-key to create crumbs, use the mouse to create fading vector field to move the ants. [code]

Particles with trails repelling each other and sound amplitude wave (trying to show example with Outkast's "Rosa Parks" but YouTube may not allow it). It's hard to see on the YouTube video because of the resolution, so it is best to download and run the code. [code]

Homework 10: 11/09/10

Vector Field [code]

Color Particles [code]

Homework 11: 11/16/10


Soda Constructor

Animating Particles with World Bank 2008 Literacy Data:
Size of particles shows the % literacy of people over 15 in each country, hover over a particle to see the name and literacy rate before the particles react to each other (flocking/springs) and the screen "walls"

Final Project: 12/14/10


Umut and I were both inspired by the work of Freider Weiss, and we wanted to explore visualizing movement with particles, vector fields, and rotation. We created a series of compositions for live interaction using openCV and for use in a large exhibition or as part of a performance. For the purposes of this class, we recorded video with complementary movement for each composition. In the next phase of this project, we would like to set up a space for people to move around and interact with our compositions.

Here are the individual code files:

  • BATS: Bats in a cave with their velocity affecting their size as well as the volume and pitch of the sound [code]
  • MONET: Repeating contour and floating particles based on an Impressionist palette. The colors are slightly affected by sound. [code]
  • DISCO: Repeating contour and floating particles with the funky palette [code]
  • STRING: Creating lines between contour particles with color changing based on floating particles average velocity [code]
  • SNOW: Running through "snow" particles, rotating and resizing for split screen effect [code]
  • HYPNOTIC: Repeating contour particles and connecting them to the center point of the screen creates something almost hypnotic [code]
  • KALEIDOSCOPE: 6 images rotated by multiples of 60 degrees in pink [code]
  • KALEIDOSCOPE: 36 images rotated by multiples of 10 degrees using multiple colors [code]
  • SCI-FI: In an alternate world where everything is smokey... [code]
  • PINK BEAR: Using fading vector field and pink contour particles for fun and fuzzy all-in-one [code]