Flipbook Video

Videos used for motion analysis.

Squat Motion Video / Drawing

Running Motion Video / Drawing

Water Motion Video / Drawing

Drawing my name with code.

Drawing my name screenshot

Code download


Robin Rhodes inspired animation

This one is for all the people with bad music and their earbugs soo loud I can hear it.


I combined all the homework into one project to save space
I also mixed the regular and extra credit homework

Speed Tests
My computer screen has a really slow pixel refresh rate, so this definitely changed my results.
Fastest percievable speed is: 9250 pixels/sec, which is 97.1"/sec, which is 5.5 mph
Slowest percievable speed is: 0.614 pixels/sec, which is 0.0064"/sec, which is 0.00037 mph

Click to Change pta/ptb.
I didn't like alternating and changing because that would make a non-smooth animation.
Every time you click pta becomes the current location and ptb becomes the mouse. Same idea.

Change something w/ the shaper / penner
The color will morph using the penner stuff

There is a trail of xenos that follow each other

Code download


John Whitney

Musical tension is the underlying theme of all counterpoint theory. As soon as I heard Whitney talk about trying to represent this visually I knew I would like him. I decided to shy away from different shapes and keep with the dots that whitney made. I also decided to make only a few dots. I tried 1000's of dots and you have a hard time making out the form, and therefore the idea of keeping tension was lost. I morphed the colors and alphas at different rates. To keep with musical tension I used sin ratios that were multiples of each other so that they will synch up here and there.

This is my basic tribute to whitney.

Code download

Whitney sycned to Telefon Tel Aviv - what is it without the hand that wields it. I love this song, and it's pure digital aspects really make it an ideal candidate for visualizations. I created a class which works like time markers and lets me control parameters. I then listened to the song and picked the different time points to change things. I like the idea but the timing is not perfect and I stopped after 3 min as it's too annoying. Phase 2 I would like to hook up a midi input and record my parameters. I couldn't get the acceleration/deceleration to work smoothly so I would take it out. To do so I need to keep track of prev rotation rather than just the time elapsed

Code download

Have you ever seen a girl with a ponytail walk fairly fast and the ponytail swings side to side, but the bottom does the most swinging? Even though the entire ponytail is moving in the same period the angular speed of the bottom is faster. The same also happens for straps hanging off clothes with a weight at the bottom. I wanted to see if I could recreate this with code but I failed. I also can't find documentation. One of my jackets was notorious for this, but I ripped the cords off as a result.

Code download

Finally my monster that follows you. I watched Whitney's the matrix III and he had these neat triangle shapes that extended out like accordians. I wanted to capture that in my monster and have him breath, where the outertriangles grew faster. However, I needed to figure out my ponytail guy above and I never did so as a result my monster is mediocre.

Code download

I will be doing sound synthesis shortly. err I mean AM/FM synth and maybe some granular snynth. I will do it visually.


Sin Visualizer

I was irritated at not getting the ponytail idea last week so I went and did a visualizer. The visualizer will show and record the movement of the sin wav. I have a seporate mode which does a pendulum, which is what I need to do a proper tail.

Code download

Midi Recorder

This guy doesn't look like much but it's actually awesome. I hook up with ofxMidi and record the midi data from my keyboard. Any new midi ID is then recorder with id, value, time. We record each time, and after 2 min (can be changed) we start to replay. The values are then interpolated based on the time. What you see is the end of the first 2 minute cycle and then the beginning of the next minute where midi info is replayed.
The idea is that I will use midi data to control my whitney visualization in real time so I can explore mixing musical tension with visual tension.

Code download



First up the basic square fireworks we had in class. Pretty lame.

Code download

Improved fireworks

Next we made the fireworks more of a circle, and I tried adding in a few little spiraling fireworks (have you ever seen thos?)
Anyway the fireworks look like a cross and the spiral thing sucks.

Code download

Advanced fireworks

Advanced isn't the right word. Anyhow I fixed the cross thing (see below) and also changed the shape so that it's a tangent ellipse that gets longer if the firework is going faster. I like the results.

Cross Issue:
	float theta = ofRandom(0, 2*M_PI);
	*vx_out = cos(theta) * ofRandom(0, range);
	*vy_out = -sin(theta) * ofRandom(0, range);
	float theta = ofRandom(0, 2*M_PI);
	float random_range = ofRandom(0, range);
	*vx_out = cos(theta) * random_range;
	*vy_out = -sin(theta) * random_range;

Code download


Blur Particles (squares)

I use a mix of ofImage and ofxCvColorImage to make bluring squares that bounce around the screen. A vector field controls the movement

Code download

HSV Particles

Particles are controlled by a vector field. The size and color of the particles is dependent on speed. The color moves through the HSV hue spectrum.

Code download


A large HSV map is used to color based on the HSV spectrum. Two distinct different things happen when working with a random VF and a blank VF.

Code download


Cam Pixels

A mesh of particles that 1) oppose each other 2) are attracted to their origin space 3) are controlled by a vectorfield. The particles update in color using a xeno update and will always update to their original camera pixels locations.
I wanted to make like colors attract each other but it made fairly uncontrollable results so I dropped that.

Code download

Black Hole

A bunch of random dull stars start off. They are attracted to each other, the larger the star the more attraction force and radius. Larger stars eat smaller stars. When a larger star eats a smaller star it absorbs the star's mass increasing in color value, force amount, force radius, etc.
When a star gets big enough it turns into a black hole.
The system is slow at first then speeds up.

Code download

Flying Text

A poem is split into multiple components of text, and assigned random sizes. The larger the size the more the font repells other fonts, and the more it is pulled down towards the bottom of the screen. Press 'N' and a snapshot will be saved.

Code download


Large Particle System

I used grid indexing and trick or two to get 11,000 particles in one system.
When they all collapse we sometimes drop below 30fps. In the future I will multi-thread this to get more like 100k particles.
Stable mode (boring) and unstable mode (exploding star?) modes are shown below.
I want to use the pixels to create a fluid moving color map. I am working on this.
Stable Video

Unstable Video

Code download


John Whitney Particle Universe

I wanted to make the john whitney tribute a bit better. This guy does the following:
- records midi input, so that you can replay stuff
- each point in the john whitney universe is actually a cluster of particles that can repel/attract/explode
- we can control alpha, speed, particle repulsion, etc etc

Code download