Haeyoung Kim

    Final Project

  1. a)Crowd Police

    Crowd police from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    Crowd Poilce is computer vision and particle interaction project. The creature is made with particle and spring system, and moves around in noise field. Live camera is mapped to a vector field and sees the movement of people as change of force in vector field. Wheil the creature moves along the noise field, when it detects vector force,it chases after the moevement of vector force. People are supposed to run away from the creature. The actual code contans different video.
    source file

    Homework 9

  2. a)Many Particles

    many particles from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    This visual integrates comparison function for optimized calculation. Particles are set up in every 20 pixels across the entire screen area. Particles move clockwise and counterclock wise motions and repels away from mouse position. When the particles are within 20 pixels of range, it draws line to the particles around it.
    source file
  3. b) Spring Blobs

    spring blobs from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    Two blobs are mad with spring and particles. Instead of drawing circles, particles draw vertext which makes a blob. Their movmevent is mapped to noise field. They both repel away from mouse positions and can be moved around with mouse drag.
    source file
  4. d) Sprng creature

    Spring creature from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    The creature is made with particls and spring system. Springs that connect particles are made with ofCurv. All the particles are connected to the first array of the particle.
    source code
  5. Homework 8

  6. a)Particle - live video interaction

    particle and video interaction from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    Partcles are mapped to contours of a video image and creates various interactions with triangle particles. The triangle particles attract each other, and repel away from the video image. The triangluar shape is facing the direction of the particle with xeno effect. Particles are initially set at the top of the screen, and falls down by gravity force.
    source file
  7. b) Particle - video- sound interaction

    particle particle interaction from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    You can move around the particles with your video image. The screen is divided into 8 different sound quadrants.When there are more than 20 particles are in a quadrant (25 percent of the particles), then sound sameple plays.
    source file
  8. c) Particle's March

    Particle's March from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    Particles create a row since they are set apart from each other by 30 pixels. When they are within 30 pixels distance range, they repel from each other in counterclock motion. Because of their initial array position, they create a pattern like armies of ants marching.
    source code
  9. Homework 7

  10. a)Particle - particle interaction1

    Particle particle interaction 1 from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    Particles follows a mouse position and turn clockwise positions.
    source file
  11. b) Particle - particle interaction2

    particle particle interaction from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    When particles are within a range they draw a line and connects to each other.
    source file
  12. c) Particle- particle interaction3

    particle particle interaction- recorded movement from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    The path is prerecorded with mouse drag. The As the path is played back, particles interact to the path.
    source code
  13. Homework 6

  14. a)Vectorfield interaction1

    vector field from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    source code The size of lines are based on the strength of a vectorfield. source file
  15. b) Vectorfield interaction2

    vector field 2 from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    source file
  16. c) Camera - particle interaction

    Camera particle interaction from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    Particles interact with live camera feed. As I push particles around, particles bounce off of me. The position of particles are reset by sound input.
    source code
  17. Homework 5

  18. a)Fireworks

    Fireworks from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    This particle system explands in a circular shape bsed on sin and cosin formular, and changes colors and sizes in random value. Then created an vector object called trail and called into particle system.
    source code
  19. b) Position in Circle formular

    sphere trails from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    It is a drawing tool based on mouse press. Particles are generated as mouse is pressed and generates particle system with trails. When it hits the boundraies of screen it bounces off.
    source file
  20. c) Particle with Images

    drawing bugs from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    An image of bug appears as mouse is pressed and created trails. The image has a transparent background, but when it's compiled, it created a frame around it. I was not able to solve this problem
    source code
  21. Homework 3

  22. a)Tribute to John Witney

    This is a work inspired by John Whitney. The animation changes over time and forms ordered and unordered patterns.
    source code
  23. b)Audio visualizer

    Morph02 from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    This animation is also very much John Whitney like. The music used in this piece is Morph02, a composition I wrote 2004. The tempo of the piece is 86BPM. So I mapped out 86BPM in cosin function.
    source code
  24. c)A natural phenomenon

    The natural phenomenon I chose is a ripple effect. First I created multiple PI's with different radians. Then I realized the important part of ripple effect is that the circles multiply and expand.
    source code
  25. d) Xeno/atan life form

    I gave a life to a bug. A mulitcolor one. This bug breathes with lower part of the body. I was able to mimic the leg movement as the bug follows mouse move. But I could not figure out how to stop when mouse is not moving.
    source file
  26. e)FM synthesis - Extra credit

    Since the amplitude can be created easily by multiplying another sine wave, I got curious how frequency modulation can be made. Frequency means how fast it repeats. However, It was hard to visualize in head.
    source file
  27. Homework 2

  28. animation experiment

    a plant was born in the world. It grew and blossomed. Then an evil rubber globe like the flower, and cut it from the plant. The plant got very sad....
  29. a)fastest non moving speed:
    I tried to make it more elegant way with OF, but I could not figure it out. So got my iphone stop watch out and timed it. I did not specify the frame #, which means the frame rate was 300. My square moved 0.000001f. To move 20 pixels, it took almost 2 min.
  30. b)fastest still perceptible speed:

    My square (20x20) took 150 ms (move by 0.12 creament) to move across the screen. My screen size was 400 x 600. 400px is 4.75 inches. so I divided 4.75 inches by 150 ms(= 0.15 s). As a result, I got approximately 31.7 inches/sec. It converts to 0.00013mph. source code
  31. c) click to change pta and ptb

    source file
  32. d)shaper controls something else besides position:

    source file
  33. e)multiple xenos

    source file
  34. Homework 1

  35. Flipbook:

    endless night from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.

    This is a flipbook about an alien (me) fallig asleep aftr long night of doing homework. I couldn't flip it well. I am going to upload the scanned images as a slide show.
  36. Here are three video recordings of movement and the patterns of the momenvent. It was challenging to find a mechenical motion around the city for some reason. So I got two motions from the gymn and the other one from toys R us.:

    motion1 from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.


    motion2 from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.


    motion3 from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.


  37. Spell Your Name in oF:

    This one is animated so you will have to run the program to see it.
    source code