Donnie Bugden
Fall 2010 Algorithmic Animation

Week Five e) Expressive Drawing Tool < download source code > Make a funky, expressive drawing tool with particles.

Week Five a) Looping Fireworks Animationl < download source code > Create a looping fireworks animation (non interactive). You will need to reset or restart particles every so often.

Week Four c) Movie Mash Up Time Point Recorder < download source code > in one example, point recorder is use to control the property of sound synthesis. can you use it to control some other properties of media, like playback position of a movie or opacity of some images? Think about all of the parameters you can get from the playback unit and how you can use them. Make some playful, creative system.

Week Four a) Multiple Point Recorders < download source code > using the point recorder code, create multiple point recorders insted of just one. Every time you draw, create another point recorder. Create a clear function. Can you use these multiple point recorders to create something interesting ? shoot a short video.

Week Three a) John Whitney Tribute < download source code > make a composition using the animation techniques that is a tribute to john whitney.

Week Three b) Math Song with bad music by Mr. Bugden < download source code > Since we talked in class about this idea of a relationship between sound and visual synthesis (and harmony) find a short piece of music (can be any duration as long as there are multiple notes – a short snippet, or a long song) and make a composition that is a visual equivalent of that sound. Think about how the make a visual equivalent using the techniques we talked about this week. Post both the sound and the resulting animation. Try to bring out some essential truth of the audio through the visualization.

Week Three c) Seashell < download source code > try to use sin and cos to emulate a natural phenomenon (ie, something you see in the natural world). be sure to provide some documentation (video / picture / text) of what this phenomenon is.

Week Three d) Creature < download source code > extend the xeno / atan2 code, making a creature which follows the mouse. think of how you could use sinusoidal animation techniques to give the object some “life” – breathing, blinking, etc.

Week Two < download source code > This is an animation of multiple objects that move to the last place the user clicked on the screen. Other attributes of object that are animated are the objects color based on its position in screen space. The animation of procedurally generated sound effects based on the objects x,y coordinates in screen space. Each object follows the object that is in front of it. Press R to move objects in a random direction and moving the mouse will also cause the objects to move in a random direction.