I wanted to add some more examples by changing the old ones and trying to make them look nicer.


I change the code of the colorful balls and lines,add some trails,get rid of the randomness.



I made waterfall and embed that to an image,still can be improved but looks nicer I think.It is oarticle particle interaction and trails with image instead of circles.



I added images for molecules,you still move them by using the video when they touch each other they disapper, the goal is to make them all diappear.



Chicken Pirates

For the final I worked with katie and Ricardo. We all wanted to make an iPhone game with what we learned in the class. We wanted to combine the code that Zach gave us and create game with it. Our game is basic. You are the boat in the screen (which is a single particle we created it as a particle so we can add more for next levels) And you are trying to reach to treasure box. There are obstacles on the way. We have whirlpools (which are created with particles that have inwards and clockwise force. They also have trails to look more realistic, we also add VF under it as it should affect the boat). Another obstacle that we created are seaweeds which we use udes particles and springs. The last obstacle is sharks. They also are particles, which flocks and attracted to the boat. When the boat hits either seaweeds or sharks, it sinks. If it goes on to whirpool, the forces afftects it.To win the game you need get to treasure chest without dying.we also try to use noise field as a background(water)but it really slowed the game so we commented out.The way you control the boat is using the accelerometer. we are pretty happy with the result and want to add more levels to it and put into the app store.

Video Of the Game




Soda Constructor-butterfly

I created butterfly in Soda Constructor

Soda Constructor in OF-butterfly

I re-created butterfly that I created on soda constructor, I think I did better job with code.

Soda Constructor

While I was playing with soda constructor I was trying to do walk cycle,then I give up on that because I didnt have smooth walking,so I decided to make circles that looks like breathing, I was successfull in this goal.

Soda Constructor in OF

We were asked to re-create what we did in soda constructor using OF.


Live Video+ Particles (PP)

With the help of what we did in class I wanted to interact with the particles with live video, I wanted to create a snow scene that user can interacts with the snowflakes. With this interaction the sizes,velocity and the position of the flakes changes.


Lines and Circles

This the 3rd version of the particle particle interaction as we are using many particles with sorthing algorithm,I am still drawinf lines between the particles,chancing the color depending on the mouse move and also repelling from the mouse.



PP+Particle Repulsion/Attraction+VF

I wanted to use the shapes that I created last week that changes the size with the mouse move, particles are repelled from each other while they are attracted to mouse. They create two differnt of lines between each other depending on the different distance comparision.


VF+Particle Repulsion

I wanted to combine two things we learned together so I added VF to particle repulsion code. I built an fishtank that you can put the particles (in this case fishes) into the fishtank via mouse drag.



In this example I wanted to use Xeno code with images using pointers and also wanted to add VF. We also discussed using rotate function in the class so I wanted to add that feature as well as others.



Vector Field

I changed the velocity depending on the distance, I also added lines around so it gives more organic look. It also resets the system after some amount of time when you release the mouse,

Vector Field from Burcum Turkmen on Vimeo.


CO Game

I wanted to create a game where users interacts with video. In the game there are two particle systems. One of them is oxygen and the other once is carbon.The purpose of the game is to composite both of them together to achieve CarbonMonoxide and vaporite it. I would like to add score and vaporizing effect on it. I will add that features very soon.



I srtart working with atan and xeno for this one I am not there yet with ir, it is just siomple one at the moment.




For this homework we were asked to create fireworks. I created two color changing one .I used kind of cheat to make them appear on the screen.


Sin/Cos Particles

We were asked to create different way to create particles using sin/cos. I used them to effect the vlocity as well as force.



We were asked to change particles from circle to something different. I decided to use waterdrops.



More Objects

In this one I created two objects that follows the trail, I wanted it to looklike a flower following the creeper.


Circles On Multidrawings

In this exercise I managed to have more than one drawings using vector of a vector array, then I was able to attach the red circle follow the new one drawn, but I couldnt figure out how to give each drawing specific circle. I did circle vectors as we need more than one circle but we dont lnow how many, put there is something wrong about the code it doesnt work.


Control by drawing

For this one I upload an image and drawing control the color of it, as well as the height controls the type of it. I tried to play with pixels but I need more exeercise for it.So at the moment it is simple but I want to work on it.




For this exercise I wante to come up with many patterns and hypnotising piece to tribute to John Whitney



I used a song from Radiohead, the song is called 4 minute warning and it is on their last album In Rainbows. I like even though the song slow is slow but the visualizer is very active. I wanted to look very edgy. Screen flow does make the vis look way too low quality.



I used the xenox code. I create an ellipse class as well. The little alien can blink as well as breathing.



I think I kind of misunderstood this example but I did how the sun appear, I feel like it didnt quiet look as it but I like how it looks.



We were asked to create an animation with using the least amount of images.

Fastest Non Moving

For this exercise, we were asked to find the fastest imperceptible speed for an object to move across the screen. The slowest was when Iincrease pct by 0.000001f. I then used the ofGetElapsedTimeMillis function to time that to about 15 seconds for 1 pixel,I then measured my computer screen to be 13" wide with a resolution of 1440 pixels across. So I divided 1440 pixels by 13 inches to determine that there are about 110 pixels per inch on my screen. So 15 seconds for 1 pixel of motion gives us a speed of approximately 0.066 pixels/second. If there are 110.996 pixels in an inch on the screen, we can divide .066 by 110 to give us a speed of .0006 inches/second. 1 inch/second is equal to approximately 0.05666 mph, which makes our 0.0006 inches/second equal to about 34e-6 mph.


Fastest still perceptible speed

We were then asked to find the fastest speed that is still perceptible as motion. I perceived this to be when pct was set to increase by appriximately 0.035. I then used ofGetElapsedTimeMillis again to time that it took around 7000 miliseconds for the box to cross the window. The two points were set to be 590 pixels apart, making the speed 413 pixels/second. So then, 413 divided by 110 gives us a speed of 3.75 inches/second and 0.21 mph.


Click To Change pta-ptb

In this exercide we need to change the start and the end point by clicking the mouse.


Multiple Xenoss

In this exercide I made many ellipses with differnts tons of blue and they follow the mouse with differnt speeds.



In this exercide I made many ellipses with differnts tons of blue and they follow the mouse with differnt speeds.



99 boxes are following the one before it and the first one is following the mouse




For this code we were asked to write our names. I wrote it using bezier curvers. There is also animation that I add.



We were asked to do a flipbook on a square sketch book. I wanted to use alittle humour for it!

Motion and Trail

Trails of motions!