bree does OF

Final Project!

This is my final for Algo. I wanted to make some blobs that had some behaviors and act a bit autonomously. They eat each other and twitch if you poke at them. Also, they are grumbly.
Source Code

Week 12

I was fucking around and made this odd thing...

Source Code (if you really want it...)

Week 9 SODA!

This is the weird little guy I made in the soda constructor

I also am beginning to work on some shapes with springs. The code doesn't work perfectly just yet, but I may use for final project.
Playing with springs

Week 7-9 More Vector Field Madness!

The cat herding game that everyone is sick of hearing about!

Week 6 Vector Field Madness!

I got a lot of help from Justin and Andrea, but still have kinks to work out. I think it looks like algae.

the video
Zipped Code


the video
Zipped Code

Week 5 Particles

This week's experiments leave me a little stuck. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

This is the black hole. While I think it looks cool, it isn't what I am trying to do.

Questions I have
* Why am I getting concentric rings instead of a mass of particles in a nice circle? * Why is my first non-mouse event just a square? * Why can't I get the shape to be a polygon rather than a circle? * How do I get information from the particle's position to use in the testApp level? zipped code

Week 4 homework/experimentation

After spending weeks trying to understand every ASCII chara, each bit of code, I realized that I wasn't getting anywhere. So, yesterday, I started just *playing*. Here's where I am at now...
To record time intervals and play them back, I used code from class that added points to a dynamic array while the mouse was dragged. I made three Time Point Recorders, one at normal speed, then below slowed down, and a third, sped up.
zipped code

Then, inspired somewhat by Donnie B's spiral code, I added a tracer that made lines at intervals based on the speed. I need to know more about dynamic arrays before I know what's really going on for sure, but I think it's pretty neat!
One thing I must say is that, on multi drawings, I want the circle to follow from the beginning. As you can see, when you release, then click and drag again, the playback circle only plays THAT segment. I could use some help with that part

zipped code

Week 3 homework

This piece, admittedly, needs a LOT of work. But, I am still proud of it

This is my attempt at the atan project. I am still having trouble figuring out exactly what's going on (what the heck is catchX and catchY ?!?) and I can't get my mouse-positioned bone object to draw, but one thing at a time...

As a nod to James Whitney and his trippy mathematical animations, I wanted to create something using those handy trig functions I had hoped to forget ages ago in order to animate some squares. I have them streaming along in tan functions (one on each axis) and cycling in a sin function. At least, that's how I THINK I should describe what's happening...

I added "Yeti" by Caribou to the video because the movement made me think of that music. I'm so proud of myself, it's ridic.
Here's a link to the zipped code folder: Whitney
And the

Week 2 homework

For the animation experiment ala Robin Roades, I made use of my boyfriend and a large stuffed snake that people always question:


interpolation speeds

For the percievable speed measurements, I went with trial and error to find the fastest where motion was not percieved...
pct += 0.00001f;
and the fastest rate at which motion is still percievable... pct2 += 0.1f;
In order to calculate these speeds... I would probably need to know way more about programming... But it seems to take the slower square over 12 minutes to get to half-way across the screen.

XENO gear

Here is my attempt at making multiple xeno objects. I used the example from class as a base, because I am still a little wobbly on starting from scratch...

code's zip file
I also made a mouse follower using Xeno where clicking shot them across the screen at random places. These xenoed rectangles follow each other.
Zipped Xeno with Click

Week 1 homework

I made two flip books this week, but only one worth showing. Oddly enough, I did a better job when I drew stream of conscious rather than planning things out. Here is "Flower"


I also managed to draw my name in OF (ASCII free) -