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    A visual experimentation of color through dance.I was inspired by the works of John Cage's improvisational music composition and dance performances, as well as the visual color theory experiments by Josef Albers. I wanted to give dancers a platform to create visual performances simultaneously to their physical performances. The garment is a standard black leotard with (4) flex sensors positioned at the hips and elbows.

    I used Arduino | Firmata library in openFramworks to program the oF to communicate to my arduino live. This allowed for me to work directly from oF and not have multiple softwares open. Using the oF allows me to manipluate the visuals like I would normally. I can also use particle systems and forces. In a future iteration I want to continue working on this project to develop more dyamic interactions and movment.

  • Homework 9
  • Soda Constructor : Star Fish

    Used the soda constructor platform to create this springy shape. Then I recreated it using the spring example shown in class. There are many other ways of using springs that I may explore in the future.

  • Homework 8
  • Raining Men

    Raining Men : Particle Particle + Vector Field

    Raining men was inspired by the Weather Girls. I feel as though there is more I could have explored here. Now I look back and wish the particles could behave like rain. The text could have been more prominent in the composition, possibly through another particle set.

  • Homework 7
  • Code Psycho : Particle Particle + VF

    Clearly when I think of steam I think back to othis scene from the cult classic Psycho. The particles are a simple png image that had multiples layers of varied opacity.

    Waterfall : Particle Particle

    My attempt of replicating a waterfall particle interaction seems to have fell short of believable. I do however find it to be a little corky and reminds me of old microsoft screensavers.

  • Homework 6
  • Diamond Video Game

    By far my favorite project during the semester. I learned so much with this game. From creating a score keeper to increasing difficulty of the levels. The idea is to gather as many diamonds into the red square space as possible before the timer runs out. To put them into the box the user has to click and drag them. By using the vector field I was able to challenge users more. This game has been rewarding.

  • Homework 5
  • Homework 4
  • Multiple point recorder: Saxaphone

    A B

  • Homework 3
  • Homework 2
  • My Robin Rhodes animation is a sequence of 10 pictures taken on a rainy day in an east village playground. I was not able to find a place that would give me a bird eye view, but I think I managed just fine.

    Changing from point a to point b according to the mouse pos.

    Now with color changing properties

    Xeno Squares with multi-color

  • Homework 1 | 1st Week
  • Three live recording of everyday motion. Staircase at moma, a mixer, and a ball bouncing.

    My name using oF

    My flipbook animation is of an alien that emerges from the dark with the message of peace.