Week 1

The first assignment was writing our names in OF. I wanted to try out some new things like random coloring and image loading. Random coloring worked out but the image came as a black box, i dont know why. I managed to load it and but followed the documentation online but well I have something to ask for tuesday now!

Here is the code

Motion of Nature & Human & Objects
The assignment was recording things with interesting motions and then sketching out their motions. I decided to record motions of nature, human and objects.

Motion of Leaves

Motion of Curtain

FYI the noise in the background is my hair dryer to play the god's hand and increase the speed of the curtain so that I could get a more interesting motion.

Motion of "wiping the floor" and the floor wiper

Sorry for my roommate's inappropriate outfit:)

Motion of poing - fourth motion is me trying to do poing!

When I was trying to find an interesting human motion, I thought first about juggling then poing sounded a better idea. I know I totally killed the beautiful motion of poing. In the sketch, I divided the motion into front view and side view and also there were two different motions where i was making full circles and then semi circles with pois.


Week 2

Fastest NonMoving Speed

Here is the code

Fastest "Still Perceptible" Speed

Here is the code

Click to Change Position a and b

Here is the code


Here is the code

Multiple Xenos

Here is the code

Tribute to John Whitney

Here is the code

Music Visualizer

These didnt seem very interesting so I started it over and decided to make something more chaotic that makes your nose bleed after watching for 2 minutes. I thought about songs that makes me wanna jump and touch the ceiling and came up with the favorite old school techno song I used to listen over and over years ago.

Here are the snapshots of the visualizer I made for this song.
Here is the code

Natural Phenomenon
I wanted to animate a UFO for this assignment under the long-term exposion to the show "xfiles" back in the days. So I made this, imitating the flying saucer with beam of lights.

Monster using Xenos

Here is the code

Controlling VideoPlayback

Here is the code

Changing circleSize according to the gesture movement

Here is the code


Here is the code

Bouncing Scary Eyes

Here is the code

Drawing Tool with Dandelions

Here is the code

Advanced Assignment TryOut = Weird Stuff

Here is the code

Things started to make real sense now:) Yes, we moved on with the particles and the forces applied on them like attraction, repulsion etc. Zach wanted us to play around these forces and make different compositions and movement inspired from nature.
p.s. I also finally found cracked screen flow without a watermark!sweet!

Ink kind of effect

Bubble bath

Here is the code

Particles Insanity goes on
This time I played around with different motions using xeno code from week3.
Clownfish/ a reinterpretation of the class mac wallpaper in oF:)

Here is the code
And the fft experiments after Rui sent us some sample code. I am sorta proud with this one because I figured out new stuff and looked cool at the end.

Here is the code

Let's play beachball!

Fire Game
In this one, I am working on making a game that you try to put out fires by trying to bring circles around red lines. I was playing around functions ith ofDist but apparently it needs some more time.

Inspired by Justin:)

Here is the code

Sound experiments goes on and ooon
I tried to improve sound input code I was working on before. In this one particles are responding to the real time sound input with awesomeness. I also added lines between the particles when they are close to each other.

Here is the code

Soda Constructor and Springs
Zach showed us this great Java app-Soda Play that simulates physical properties like gravity, friction.. So first I made this spider in Soda Constructor and tried to make a crawling creature in oF with the code Zach showed us. It didn't work out very well but it's worth working on it later.

This time I wanted to make something organic so I started to look around and waited for the nature to amaze me:) In this one I tried to make light beams with the flocking code.

I also worked on the blobs code and made more than one blob. If Picasso was using oF, his blobs would be like this probably.

FINAL! - "See You Soon"
Everything started with stars, dust and Zach's font code! I was working on sound and feeling comfortable playing with fft and making fun stuff already so I decided to make an audio visualizer. The hardest part was figuring out how to modify the particle's motion according to the sound - before I was already changing the particle size with sound but after Zach's suggestion I tried to work on modifying the repulsion and attraction code according to sound.

Another hard part was choosing a melodramatic, a little poetic tune that particles could move elegantly with. After trying out many tunes -like Bjork, Madeleine Peyroux or classics Dinah, Billie, Ella female tunes, I picked this nice Coldplay song- See you soon. Another hard part was also making fonts recognize each other and making lyrics come to center. After the final presentation, Zach suggested adding time recorder -and I followed his word and now it's looking way cooler.

First Version

Second Version

Here is the code