Week Three Homework

Whitney Tribute

We were asked to create a tribute to animator John Whitney using the techniques he used in his compositions.
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Visualization with Sound

I decided to create a variation on my Whitney Tribute and put it to sound. This version is a lot more intense, so I paired it with The Best Revenge by Fischerspooner. I felt that the hard fast electronic beats, complimented the complexity of the sketch.
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Natural Organic Movement with sin/cos

try to use sin and cos to emulate a natural phenomenon (ie, something you see in the natural world). be sure to provide some documentation (video / picture / text) of what this phenomenon is.

For this sketch I wanted to attempt to emulate the motion when a leaf or feather falls. A natural swinging motion occurs as it slowly falls.
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extend the xeno / atan2 code, making a creature which follows the mouse. think of how you could use sinusoidal animation techniques to give the object some “life” – breathing, blinking, etc

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