Week One Homework

  1. make a flip book. Please use a “thicker” type sketchbook. I recommend the square sketchbooks from NY Central Art Supply.
  2. make three recordings (using a handheld camera that’s sationary) of three different scenes which have interesting motion. Pick one point to watch during the video, and sketch out it’s motion path. Try to find both rhythmic (repetitive) and organic motions.
  3. draw your name using openframeworks. upload a screenshot of your app, and a zip of the source code or project.

Flip Book

Objects in Motion

A ceiling fan:

A rocking chair:

A hot tub:

Writing My Name in openFrameworks

Attached is a screen shot of my name written in openFrameworks. You can't tell from the screen shot but there the colors of the my name change. Not super exciting, but enough to get me kind of back into the coding mind set.

Download Source Code